Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Paint shop pro cheat's border No 1

Ok, I give in. One little foray into textiles will suffice for the moment. I found a cheat's way to do a border in psp's frames which I thought I would share with you particularly if you are using psp, although there is something similar and probably even better in Photoshop. (I say "cheat" because this is a reference to a well-known cookery writer in the uk whose latest book uses this phrase!)
For the latest pic I used a photo of a fuschia which I then altered in psp . This is how I added this border -
Image>picture frame. From the drop-down list choose Transparent (I chose the second one). I added an extra black border - image>add borders, 3 pixels, black, ok. Now choose a colour in the image using the dropper tool and fill in the white borders using the flood fill tool. Finished! Save under a new name. I hope this is useful!


  1. Wonderful border and picture....not sure if i could work it out for photoshop elements

  2. Have a look on Scott's blog (Finding another view) - he has a tutorial for Photoshop borders

  3. Hi, just come across your blog from Scotts. I have paintshop pro photo X1. I have use the borders before but not so wonderfully as your way, I will give it a try.I use picnik for there framing a lot. I would love to learn how to layer, I am hopeless at that! Jackie in Surrey UK.

  4. Sorry, I must (am) a bit thick:-

    Image>picture frame. From the drop-down list choose Transparent (I chose the second one), I am lost already!! I don't seem to have a drop down list for Transparent........ Jackie in Surrey

  5. Jackie - Picture frame - "Please choose a picture frame style" then click on the downward arrow which brings up all the frames. (I am using Pspx2 but you should have this on earlier versions)

  6. Thank you for that, but I don't have one that says transparent!!
    Mine says
    Photo edges
    Time machine

    Don't worry it is probably me just being thick Jackie.

  7. Don't say you are thick! Took me ages to find out all this! What happens when you click on frames?

  8. Sorry I haven't got back to you, busy weekend with my grandson's 16th today and my 60th this coming Tuesday!!
    When I click on Frames it just shows me the frames with frames.
    I have had a quick try with your layer tutorial and I didn't get it right either. Jackie


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