Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Still life with apple

Still trying to get the blog into gear and thought I would make the most of the sunlight coming into the south-facing window.  As you can see from the setup, I'm using black boards for a background and to block some of the light and although the camera is set up for a 'from above' shot, this one was taken with the camera on a cushion on the floor, using live view.  24-70 lens. The board was a length of wood picked up on the beach and cut into thirds which my willing assistant carried for me.  Guess who ...   I took some shots using the iron cobblers last and the small ornamental teapot which may get an airing later!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

At the beach

We've had such beautiful weather this week - a walk on the beach is always a must!  This is Holly belonging to the Blyth family -   she can look so fierce but is a real softie - she has to be with 4 young children and a cat in the house!  Love using this triptych by Kim Klassen which is so easy to use in LR