Saturday, 16 May 2015

Following the prompts

Sometimes getting motivated to set up a still life can take some time - that's one reason I find having a prompt or an idea to work on so useful.  These images are all in response to Kim Klassen's Bestill52 and The Studio prompts.  The image above was to find a sense of 'stillness' edited with Kim's LR preset - kk_eve.  The aquilegia was the only one showing its head in the garden so far.

The jar of buttons was for a prompt on 'one thing' - I did a series of photos based on sewing items.  The daisy clump (returned to the garden afterwards!) was for a Nature theme.  Both were photographed on a  mirror.
A small Greek bowl (a holiday present) came in handy for a  Studio theme.  Love being part of this supportive group!