Sunday, 18 July 2010

Border variation

I hope that the instructions in the last blog were easy to follow if you had a go - I should have said that I work with Paint Shop Pro but almost all the effects etc are in Photoshop but sometimes under a different name or different place. I believe that the chisel effect is found near bevel in Photoshop.
This blurred background has had the coloured edges effect applied - luminance minus 107, blur 5, intensity 66. Happy playing!


  1. Carey likes the dark border- very nice!
    It sort of has a glowing effect :-)
    Looking forward to seeing yooz!

  2. That rose is just plain beautiful! It is such a treat for the eye. I love how you have done the borders to. My wife loves to quilt and sew and has a long arm quilting machine. I have made a few DVDs for a lady that teaches quilting and she sells them around the world. Your work is very creative and artistic.


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