Saturday, 17 July 2010


Thought I might share how I made this border. Didn't have a tutorial, just fiddled about till I found this border which I liked! Here goes -
Open your image and blur with Gaussian blur, radius 4, Save this blurred image and open original image again so that you have them side by side. Layer the original (unblurred image) on top of the blurred image and resize the top layer until you have a border of blurriness showing (You can see how technical this is!). On the top layer I then went to effects, 3d effects, chisel, size 11, transparent. Save as merged image. Let me know if this works!!


  1. Beautiful! Love your cards too.
    Thanks for your comment on my work & glad you got your parcel OK.

  2. Another great piece of Art work Julia, tis wonderful.

    Just about to post you and Keith

  3. Came over from imac's blog.

    You do have some wonderful things to see here on your blog.

  4. I was alright till I got to Effects 3d etc and then I couldn't seem to select the layer so I will have to have another go. I was using Elements 2 so probably I should have a go with Elements 6. My programme kept selecting the background for some reason. I like what I did so far though. :)

  5. Should have added that the colour (although transparent) is white


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