Thursday, 8 October 2009

Take two

Today I completed a piece of work which I started several months ago -

- it was a flower image displaced with another image (I can't remember which one, I should have made notes) and printed out onto scrunched up tissue paper on a vilene and felt backing. The second was my first attempt at encaustic wax "painting" which I did with the group of "textile" friends who generously supplied the wax etc.

- and I must admit it was more by accident than design! You melt the wax onto a smooth iron and spread it onto special white card making marks with the tip and side of the iron. I like this image; it makes me think of Cheviot.


  1. I like the flower image...very nice.

  2. I like it ! it's very creative !

  3. Wasn't using the iron and wax fun? Great image. Thanks for visiting my blog. It was my first attempt too.

  4. I like your flower very much, it's given me an idea for a flower page I have to make for a swap. Thank you for the inspiration. :o)


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