Wednesday, 28 October 2009

More hidden places

Clutching our bus passes, a friend and I caught the bus to Newcastle to go to an exhibition of photographs by Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen called "Byker Revisited" in the Side Gallery. This exhibition of portraits and landscapes comes 40 years after she came to the north-east to make the first photographic documentary of Byker. We still have the original book of photos so it was really interesting to see this "update" (and scarey to think how many years have passed!).

On the way to the gallery we found some hidden stairways, only a few of the many near the Tyne Bridge.

Back to explore some more one day!


  1. As usual I'm playing catch up and have really enjoyed your posts. Especially the newcastle ones. We are off up there tomorrow for a wedding and I am full of ideas of places I want to visit..too many for the few days we will be there, taking the day in Gateshead and Jesmond for the wedding..Now you've given me even more!

  2. Yoy take some stunning photos, Ju-North!

  3. You have a collectors gem with that book! I remember when she did the original project... what a fascinating portrayal of Byker as it was.


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