Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hidden places

We went for a short drive yesterday starting with a visit to one of our favourite places (and coffee shop!) at Kirkharle Courtyard. Lots of interesting workshops and a gallery (some of my work here!) and of course the coffee shop. Also the birthplace of Capability Brown.

A few miles further on -

we came to Great Bavington Church. We had driven past this isolated church before and had wondered why it was in the middle of nowhere with only a farm and a few cottages for company. Where had the people come from?

Later I googled the church (first entry for Great Bavington Church) and found that there was a fascinating history attached to it. There had once been a medieval village of 300 people; it is now a conservation area. In the 1590s the reiving Armstrongs and Elliotts had stolen oxen, cows and a horse (at least it wasn't the Robsons!).

Two "arty" pics to end - one from Kirkharle, the work of Dennis Kilgallon

and one from Gt Bavington

- the passage of time!


  1. Love the Gt Bavington passage of time photograph!

  2. Thank you! Can see this as a textile!


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