Friday, 24 July 2015

Time lapse

Oh dear!  Just realized how long it is since I've blogged. I seem to spend more time on IG these days. So much beauty and inspiration there. This is an iphone image which I did for Kim Klassen's The Studio, another inspiring group of photographers. And now that I've learnt how to write a blog post on my iPad I'll probably do more!


  1. Glad to see your inspiring photos back. I love the composition and the colour harmony in this photo

  2. These days, I'm not making many blog posts either Julia. Some say they feel compelled to post one or two times a week, but I'm thinking may one a month (for me that works). IG is so handy and easy, and to me less pressure than Flickr.

    I LOVE this still the dots on the bottle carry the colors throughout in the darkness of the plates, and a touch of earthy texture in the wheat! Stunning!

  3. Oh You have been off for a while haven't you. :) Welcome back. I like the varied textures and shapes in this photo as well as the lighting. I hope you are enjoying the summer. I see the temperatures there are very cool and it's cloudy. We can't seem to get a break here and are lacking sun and heat as well. I keep saying "maybe next week" but summer is fleeting.

  4. Great composition, and I love the tones in this, Julia.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Lovely neutrals here. Erm, is IG instagram?? I must set up an acc so I can follow my son on his travels!


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