Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Last hydrangeas

Found three small glass bottles on a secondhand stall in the market place.  Brought one of the last hydrangea blooms inside (without insects!) and had a go at this still life.  I added two of my own textures and a vignette.  Still looking for the best place in the house for natural light, so far it's in the kitchen.  I really ought to be thinking of winter/Christmas themes but I think I'm still stuck in autumn!


  1. It is a lovely still life and good to stay in Autumn and put off Winter until it really comes with snow etc.... Jackie in Surrey.

  2. A beautiful vignette and I'm amazed your hydrangea are still looking so good. I love the blue bottle. Only 2 weeks until Christmas. Time is flying fast. Have a great week!

  3. What a lovely composition this is, Julia.

  4. A beautifully composed picture, Julia. I love the proportions, and the contrast between the textured surfaces of the flowers and bottle, and the lovely soft background.

    I know what you mean about Autumn - it really is a beautiful time of year. We've had beautiful autumn colours in Devon this year.


  5. Hi Julia, You really found a very nice bottle in the second hand store! The ones I find are pretty grungy. As for the "theme", these autumn colors and hydrangea are always a delight to see, and enjoy, even at Christmas time. You are so talented at creating textures and vignettes! xx


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