Thursday, 19 July 2012


Most of the flowers in our garden (and we don't have a lot!) are dropping petals at a furious rate due to the rain but at least the hydrangea loves the downpours.  Snails and slugs also abound but I can't bring myself to photograph them - I'm sure they must serve a purpose but does anyone know what it is?!


  1. Wow Julia, another "wow" photo - I'd never have known this was a hydrangea - it looks like something from the tropics! What a stunning picture - I love the colour combination. Beautiful!

    Have you got an online gallery somewhere where all your photos are together in one place? They are so glorious that they ought to be published in a beautiful big coffee table book, and you should definitely have an exhibition!

    Thanks for your lovely comment - good idea about the papers! I was thinking of selling little packs of embellishments (flowers etc.) once I get going. Maybe there's a market for background papers too - I always assumed people would just be making their own.


  2. My favourite colours again Julia - a lovely shot. As to slugs and snails - don't mention them, we could gather snails by the bucketful and some slugs have the girth of a cumberland sausage. I would gladly like to know their purpose in the the great scheme of things too.

  3. I hate to say it but they are natures recyclers, turning all our veg, plants and debris into rich nutritious compost so they can eat it all again next year.

  4. Now that's a good question! I found a small snail on the Rudbekia the other day and evidence of some meals eaten but only the one diner. He's gone now. :)

  5. Stunning shot - love the colours and perspective !

    And your shots at Blyth were made even more fascinating due to the weather. [we'll try to send you some heat in exchange for some of that rain ;>) ]

  6. The slugs and snails love my Hosta!! Beautiful photograph, I have noticed that the Hydrangea seemed to love all the rain we are having, also my agapanthus that didn't flower last year is full of buds. Just need to be able to get out in the garden and enjoy it.

    Summer is coming this weekend though
    (according to the weather man)so have a good one, Jackie.

  7. Wonderful pink!
    Have a great weekend!
    xoxo, Juliana

  8. I had to click on this to see it bigger, just beautiful! Our hydrangeas have never bloomed...probably not enough sun. So pretty. And we are NOT getting another dog. (o:


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