Saturday, 8 January 2011

Change of colours

Enough of the snowy colours! Something to brighten up the day! This is a poinsettia plant which I bought the previous Christmas with some bright red leaves but they didn't appear this time. Anybody know how to get the red leaves back? A gardener I am not!


  1. Hi a lovely photograph. I have heard this question a few times, there are lots of answers on the web but mainly " You can do it by shortening the light exposure of your poinsettia as Christmas gets nearer, this can be done 2-1.5 months before. I had to do this with my Christmas Cactus so it flowered for Christmas!!

    Have a good weekend, Jackie in Surrey.

  2. Not sure myself, but this might be of help.

  3. Not a clue. I know the poinsettia is native to Mexico so it a tropical type.
    Might need a warm location to flower with the red. xox Corrine

  4. Love these but it's the one thing I like to buy new! we have the white stuff back, briefly I think;)

  5. The poinsettia is a difficult plant to maintain but Google has a few sites that you can check for care etc. They need cutting back at the end of flowering and as Christmas is coming around once again they need plenty of light and fertilizing basically.
    Good luck it is worth persevering for next Christmas and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog re my garden - so appreciated. We are soo lucky to be living here. I'm thinking of your in those really cold temperatures you are experiencing at present.
    love, Suzy


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