Tuesday, 4 August 2009


We're back from a journey to the far north of Scotland to collect ingredients for one of my favourite perfumes! -

The scenery is spectacular and the roads practically empty. Most of the time we were on single track roads, a new view opening up at every turn -

The colours and the sights and sounds (usually silence) made the long journey worthwhile. We were there last year but it never ceases to amaze. We live near the Scottish border (some parts of Scotland are south of us) and often have little jaunts to the border towns. A holiday in Scotland is to be recommended! Even better if you live there!


  1. Glad you had a good time. Looks just as great as when we were there last year. We're planning another trip....

  2. Flippin lush! I was just saying the other day to Carey that its really hard at the moment to get silence - its all noise noise noise! Maybe a jaunt to Scotland is in order to find some of this silence you experienced!?...lovely pics by the way! x

  3. Oh please tell us exactly where those beaches are.
    I love tweeds too.

  4. I see I commented here and can't remember if you replied!


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