Sunday, 16 August 2009

The colour purple

Looking through these images the main colour seems to be purple, one of my favourite colours. It's hard getting away from colours which appeal to you, so I've given in this time. The heather is covering a lot of the hills in Northumberland now, making the landscape look completely different. Makes you think of autumn though, when we feel it should still be summer!

Another "purple" picture, this time taken in the icehouse at Kedleston Hall, a NT house in Derbyshire. I hadn't expected it to be so colourful.

And some WIP, inspired by some of the scenery and colours we've seen these past few weeks. Done on the embellisher and not yet finished- may add more stitching. Have a happy Sunday!


  1. These are really nice. What IS an embellisher?

  2. It looks like a sewing machine but with 5 or more needles which are barbed and mesh the felt and other fabrics (if not too thick and dense) together.


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