Friday, 3 July 2009

Sunny Blyth

We are fortunate enough to live near our favourite beach - Blyth. We both come from the town and met at school here. We always joke that we don't like to tell people about Northumberland in case too many people come!! Only joking! We love the big beaches and wild hills. Blyth council made a great effort to improve the promenade and area. The old concrete beach huts have been replaced by painted wooden ones with a great moss and pebble roof and the bandstand was given a makeover. Now all we need is more hot weather!


  1. My husband went to Newcastle University and was always telling me how beautiful it is in the NE but I wouldn't have it. Then I got older and wasn't so bothered about sunbathing and went to Low Newton to meet college friends and came back telling him how lovely it is.

  2. You have mastered posting photo's: now to get that slide show up!


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