Saturday, 25 July 2009

I love books!

I love books! I love the smell of new books especially! Do you find yourself opening a new book and having a good sniff? I have always loved reading, maybe something to do with the fact that there was no tv or other distractions when we were young (I'm making myself sound ancient here!) and maybe the fact that my dad was a librarian had an influence. I remember my first visit to Blyth library to choose a book and being bitterly disappointed that the assistant chose a book for me thinking she was doing me a good turn!
Anyway, the tenuous link is that I recently made some covers for some sketchbooks! All sold!

Have a good weekend!


  1. These are brilliant! How do you DO that?

    I too am an avid book sniffer! Not only that but anything that has been recently printed is given the once over from my probing schnek. I remember at art college my typography lecturer saying how some people loved to look at a painting because it was a singular item which was thrilling to them. However what HE loved was to stand at the feed end of a printing press and imbibe the ink smell combined with the thrill (to him) of thousands of identical images being produced. Different folks.....!

  2. I sniff books as well, but then I was a librarian as well as Dad (I'm Julia's sister). I recently bought some books on eBay and was dismayed to find they reeked of cigarette smoke. I've had them out on the patio whenever the sun shone and they're just about bearable now!

  3. Think I'll start a book-sniffers club!


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