Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The good old days

Last week we went to an end of term performance by the school which our eldest grandson attends. The whole school took part, lots of smiles and excited children, although the reception class looked a little overwhelmed! This is the same school which K and I went to as small children and it certainly brings back some memories - not all good, in fact I don't seem to remember many good things although there must have been some. The school was ruled by the cane and the strap and fear, nothing out of the ordinary for the times. Monday morning in one class was particularly nerve-racking as the teacher doled out the cane if you hadn't been to Sunday School. Another teacher, who shook permanently as a result of shell shock, controlled his class solely with the cane. But there was an outstanding teacher (unfortunately not mine) whose classroom was a feast for the eyes - plants and insects and even an old tin bath full of tadpoles. But such a teacher was a rarity. I don't recall ever going on a school trip or doing some of the exciting things which are taken for granted today. Just a grey school drained of colour. I'm so thankful for the schools today which on the whole are happy places.


  1. It's easy to see why you would have chosen teaching as a career then?!

  2. I remember being nervous about having one of the teachers that you had had (the one who smacked your hand with a ruler for being late - you know who I mean!) for a whole year before moving up to her class. When the time came, she had retired and I had worried for nothing. Moral of the story - never cross a bridge till the bridge comes into view!


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