Monday, 5 October 2015

The conversation

The granddog and me. Taken by my son. A beautiful chocolate lab, Holly is now eleven years old. So gentle and patient - living with 4 children and a bossy cat, she has to be!


  1. What a lovely photo of you and your grand dog, Holly, in conversation. I think dogs really do understand us don't you? We have 3 of them and the oldest is 14.

  2. Whatever it's about you obviously understand one another very well..!

  3. i just LOVE this photo, Julia!

  4. Oh Julia, what an adorable photo! Just look at the way she's looking up at you! Enough to completely melt your heart!! That's definitely one for the album!

    Thanks for your lovely comment. So glad you like the drawings. I was so thrilled when my friend produced the foiled ones! Such a surprise and they came out stunning. The new printer and foiling machine are now way up on my wish list!! Mum is still in the same home, and still moaning. I think we've got a battle on our hands just around the corner once my chemo is over, because she'll start making noises about coming hone, but she's really not capable now, and it's not fair on my hubby to expect him to be her full time carer, esp. after spending all year caring for me! He deserves to enjoy his well-earned retirement now. She had a chest infection recently and although she's bounced back (as she always does from such things!) her short-term memory is now a lot worse, and she's pretty wobbly on her feet too. She's much better off where she is. She calls it a "prison" but I'd like to know what sort of crime you have to commit to end up in a prison with such a stunning sea view and TLC around the clock and lots of nice people to talk to (only she's not friendly enough for that lol!).


  5. What a perfect title for this photo. I believe on some level my dog, Bugsy, communicates with me. My good friend had chocolate labs puppies this summer, big cuddly sweet pups. And big! When they went to their new owners, they were bigger than my old dog!


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