Saturday, 9 August 2014

Found and taken home

I'm joining in with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds this week.  The small tall vase? jug? was found in a charity shop and is the same colour as the bowl which I bought in Scotland earlier this year.  The piece of wood was picked up on the beach by HO who is tired of being pestered to look for/ make/ find at the back of the garage some textured wood to use as a background.  Have to say this was perfect and was duly cut into three pieces with the nails left in as they didn't have any sharp ends.  Edited in LR and Elements with Kim's texture 'brushed linen' and 2LO French Script.  I'll still be looking for bits on the beach though!


  1. A perfect set. You have a good eye for this.

  2. I really love this, Julia.
    It looks like a beautiful painting.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  3. I agree, it does look like a painting, really lovely

  4. So very lovely ... great finds, Julia !
    Have a nice weekend,


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