Saturday, 15 September 2012

Full bloom 2

Prize-giving day tomorrow for the highest sunflowers!  Must confess to some jiggery-pokery as the recent high winds broke some of the tallest ones off, so had to do some quick name tag rearranging so that all GKs would get a prize!  This one however wasn't in the garden - except in my imagination!


  1. Fabulous effect Julia, hard to improve on nature, but I'd grow these!!!

  2. I like the red tinge in this one, really sets if off.

    Jiggery-pokery!! I ask you! Largest pumpkin next year, perhaps? The wind won't blow those over

  3. Simply fascinating. Such intricacy.

  4. Gorgeous colour and detail.

    (haven't heard that 'jiggery-pokery' expression in years, since I had a boss from the UK ;-) LOL


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