Thursday, 11 August 2011


I was surprised to find some autumn leaves on the ground - it's still summer! - although it has been cold this week with almost continual rain.
We have all been dismayed and shocked at the violent scenes of disorder and looting we've seen on tv - a lot of prayer has gone up for calm and peace and will continue to do so.


  1. Leaves are definitely turning here in Latvia too and the rain has come our way.

    I have not been so much shocked by the disorder, I guess I am more removed from it, but I have been more shocked and saddened by the violent verbal attacks by other citizens involved - as if shooting rioters will make it better. That is more likely to end up with the death of innocent bystanders caught up in it all. I am praying for people to see clearly and talk peace. Thank goodness some are

  2. Hear hear, and Amen, to your comments about the riots, Julia...

    What gorgeous photos! I love these macro shots. Beautiful colours, and the natural curve and curl on these leaves is stunning. Autumn not far off now! I expect you get it sooner "up north" than we do. We've just got that sort of "gone off" green look that you get in August, when the trees start to look a bit tired. Can't wait for the autumn colours!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and your good wishes for my health! Hopefully I'll pick up a bit this week. I'm really keen to get on with my projects.

  3. Beautiful colours in the leaves. It has felt like Autumn here in the South East!!!

    Terrible about the rioting and disorder and I pray that along with my son who is a London Bobby, that all the Police and the residents stay safe. Jackie in Surrey UK

  4. Your autumn leaf photos are gorgeous! Usually I find that by the end of each season, I am longing for the next (even in Southern California where I know that we don't really experience season changes). But our summer this year has been so mild that I am still waiting for it to arrive somehow. I too have been in prayer for the situation in your country right now.

  5. These are stunning shots Julia - and I think you are right, autumn is going to be early this year - so much fruit is ripening this month that we do not expect 'til September.
    I think the whole country is holding its breath and praying for a calm weekend, for once rain will be a blessing.

  6. The world's gone mad. Hopefully Autumn will hold off a bit longer, I've got too much to do! Stunning colors, tho.

  7. It seems that Autumn is starting early this year, we have noticed the leaves going their pretty Autumn colours.
    Fantastic macro shots of your Autumn colour leaves.

  8. These are gorgeous macros, Julia - love the lines and colours. Sure hope it isn't autumn yet - with the long winters we'd like another 6 weeks of summer first !

  9. What incredibly rich colors in your leaf.

  10. WOW! It is still summer. I am also surprised that you've found these leaves. I really do like how you photographed them though. Quite different than photographing the tree on which they originated from.

  11. wow great fall color!
    I always find inspiration here!

    thanks a big hug,


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