Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Will you walk into my parlour .....

The well-known words of this poem which was written for children (published 1829) ends with the words -
Unto an evil counsellor
Close heart and ear and eye
And take a lesson from this tale
Of the spider and the fly.

Good advice!


  1. Great image and words to match.

  2. Yes, that is great advice! I might have to look up the rest of the poem too. Love the macro shot on your previous post...

  3. OOOhhh sooo pretty ...words are the perfect complement!!!

  4. Good advice.lol

    Great shot too, and even better by getting 2 posts out of this flower and its insects my friend.

  5. Marvellous photo as usual, and great words too - what a pity so few people take that advice!! Thanks for your lovely post on my blog, and glad you enjoyed the "virtual tour" - the S.W. is well worth a visit!


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