Thursday, 28 October 2010

This, and then that

I find I am continually coming back to my original photo of the seedheads taken at Inverewe Gardens on the west coast of Scotland. and then playing with it in psp.
This is the recipe, this time using a couple of (free) textures from jerry.
I usually use my own textures but he produces such lovely ones which give a good effect:
From the top of the pile of layers downwards -
texture 1 burn 67
texture 2 difference 59
copy of original normal 71
original image
merge all and boost saturation and add a frame.
(Ps I'm still thinking of mouse-overs!)


  1. I don't know what mouse-overs are, but to me it looks already fantastic!
    Cariños de Trudis

  2. I can see why you keep wanting to come back to this, there is something just so lovely about seedheads. I wonder if it is just that they remind us that life goes on regardless.

  3. Nice work of Art my friend, another to go in the show cabinet.

  4. It is a beautiful picture Julia. I do love seedheads too. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog this week :) xx

  5. That's dill isn't it?? Well, now it's magical! Did you learn photoshop on your own? Or take any classes? I just want to know more about it, love it's capabilities. Of course, it helps to have an artful eye like yours too!

  6. Sall - thank you for your comment (can't find a place for comments on your blog). I learnt Paint shop Pro on my own with the help of book, just muddled along realy, still learning!

  7. This is fabulous with such rich colours - please keep them coming.

  8. You do make intriguing art. For Sall above there is a website by Kim Klassen that offers tutorials using photoshop.

    Looking forward to your mouse-overs.

  9. Beautiful pictures Julia. I love what you've done.

  10. Hi, yup, it was really warm most of the time, we were

  11. Thanks Julia, I live in Bishop near Durham, so not too far from you.

  12. Love what you've done with this Julia - great result - a work of art ! I haven't decided on which editing program to use - right now I use some freeware just to do a little contrast or saturation work - the rest is pretty much SOOC.


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