Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Another day in Scotland

Another two days actually! On this day we walked to the Kirkaig Falls near Lochinver

and then followed the path on to magnificent views of Suilven.
Another day we decided to go to Sandwood Bay. only reached by a 9 mile round walk, one of the best beaches in the uk (but we have some of the best in Northumberland as well!).

After all that walking we had to treat ourselves to a hot chocolate at Cocoa Mountain in the Balnakeil Craft Village near Durness. Expensive, but not to be missed!


  1. Beautiful scenery, that hot chocolate looks deliceously fattening!

  2. That is one serious cup of chocolate! I have to agree with the beautiful beaches of Northumberland.

  3. Lovely beaches in Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly where we have just had a holiday, but yes, those beaches in Scotland look great!!That cup of hot chocolate looks incredibly tempting, do they do them without calories there??

    A friend of ours moved from Surrey to Scotland three years ago, you might like to look at her blog

    Jackie in Surrey

  4. One of my favourite parts of the world, following a holiday in a static caravan with no hot water in Inverkirkaig 20 years ago...we took a trip up to Durness and stayed at the Far North Hotel in the craft village (is it still there? They did a wicked hot choc with a flake) and I've since climbed Suilven. I say climb, sort of stumbled along for hours and hours through the peat bog...I also worked at Inverewe one summer during my degree course. Oh, the midges...


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