Friday, 25 June 2010


I'm busy working on some embellished squares using voile and wool tops on felt with some added acrylics and stitching. I'm hoping to do some more so that I can build them up into some sort of hanging - all a bit hazy at the moment as things change as I go along. Still seem to revert back to my favourite colours although this is mainly because I need some more supplies of other colours. One of the best fabric warehouses closed down last year - can't think why as it was always full of customers.

But I've no excuse for using the same colours here! These are some of my sketchbook ideas when I was making a bag for a skateboarding GS. Had to keep it quite plain though - nothing too over the top for a skateboarder!


  1. Love the colours in this piece and thanks for sharing the glimpses of your sketchbook.

  2. Most colourful my friend.

    Looking forward to meeting in the next fortnight.

  3. Gorgeous sketchbook work and the embellished squares are looking good too, they remind me of gas clouds in space or spiral galaxies.

  4. I adore your sketchbook pages, the vibrant colours as well as the textures. There is something so appealing about sketchbook edges too. I shall come back for a longer look later

    Have a good week
    Carolyn x


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