Friday, 28 May 2010

Mixed bag

I've just received this colourful card from Emma who is celebrating her 50th birthday soon and organised a swap of 50 cards as a special reminder of the day. There are so many elements to this card - paper, paint, stitch, text, fabric and more. Go and look at her blog to see more of her work and the wonderful place where she lives!

Meanwhile, back here on the pavement we found this small but perfectly formed bird's nest, probably a bluetit's I think, pulled out of the tree by those black and white terrorists, the magpies. Later we found smashed eggs. A little drama but quite sad.

I finally got round to stitching this mini-quilt; the image appeared in a previous post. I'm gradually building up a selection which I hope to put together into a larger hanging. One day!


  1. Thanks for the mention! Glad to see another of my cards up in bright lights!

    I'll be posting about today's card soon.

    Love your header!

  2. Magpies are constantly harassing our blackbirds, they have already destroyed one brood.

  3. The mini-quilt is great. Keep it up, you'll get there! (to your wall hanging I mean!) We are coming up to Berwick in July. Is that anywhere near you?

  4. A lovely card from Emma. I like the idea of turning your small quilts into a hanging, this one has turned out really well. My neighbours discovered a sparrows nest and eggs destroyed yesterday - appears that magpies are the culprits here too.


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