Wednesday, 23 October 2013

More of 'nothing is wasted'

A little bit of Photoshop using the previous image, using my own textures, masks and frames.  Yesterday I wanted to do a still life using autumn bits and pieces, eg leaves, dandelion seedhead, chrysanthemums,  but nothing seemed to go right.  I tried various combinations with bottles, wooden bowls and finally decided to give up.  As I was packing away and trying to carry everything to another room, I put some seed heads into the jar to carry them - and voila!  I liked the result! Maybe I was trying too hard!


  1. Absolutely lovely, Julia! Serendipity comes into its own sometimes, with unexpected results when you think you've given up! Nothing is wasted though, and I am sure you will have learnt lots through the experience even if the experiments didn't seem to work. This is a really beautiful photograph - like summer captured in a bottle!

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Things are progressing slowly but there's still a huge amount of sorting and tidying to do before I am ready to start creating - not just in the ARTHaven but in the rest of the house. The builders have got about half a day's work left to do inside, after which I can really start to get to grips with sorting things and cleaning up, while they crack on and finish the garage roof (weather permitting).

    Still feeling rubbish health-wise but I've been so well for so long that I can't complain - just got to rest lots. Mum continues to be difficult but is a bit more settled and slightly less miserable, although I do seem to waste a lot of energy encouraging her and trying to stop her slipping into the slough of despond which makes everybody miserable lol!!


  2. Less is more, as they say. This is beautiful Julia. so delicate.

  3. Don't you just love those eureka! moments.

    Great work with this (and your previous posts) - great PS creativity !

  4. You have worked magic, with two or three simple elements. There can be amazing beauty in nature's seemingly humblest forms. You have inspired me to learn about textures, masks, and frames. I don't have photoshop experience.



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