Thursday, 7 March 2013

orchid again

In spite of much neglect this small orchid plant refuses to die off and produces beautiful white-pink flowers twice a year.  Its label which has also survived says 'Orchidaceae Dendrobium'.  I've grown quite fond of it!


  1. Very pretty picture too. Are you thinking of going into the Wedding market with cards? :)

  2. I've concluded that orchids, while they might look frail and delicate, are as tough as old boots! I have two of them and provided they are out of full sun and not in a draft they thrive on just the occasional watering, ie.when I remember, and produce the most glorious paper white and pinkish flowers twice a year! Your photo captures that lovely delicate look.

  3. Oh...I'm struggling to keep two orchids alive right now. Your post gives me hope!

  4. You certainly caught a delicate beauty.

  5. What a beautiful photograph, Julia. So delicate and subtle.

    Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, there's a lot to do at the moment but I feel as if we are on top of everything - at least so far! We're over to Mum's again on Sunday to continue clearing stuff. I think you should be glad you live at the other end of the country or you might well get roped in to help lol!!!



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