Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Masking it!

Having seen various masks on different blogs, I decided to have a go at creating one myself.  In Photoshop I opened a new page and using various sizes and shapes of brushes created the mask shown above.  With an image of a hydrangea the first mask layer is Lighter Colour 75% and the second layer, using the same mask, is Difference 75%.
Please feel free to have a try using the mask on one of your own images - just link back please!


  1. No stopping you now. Great effect?

  2. Great artwork, but as you know I am not creative and cannot use photoshop so will just keep coming back and enjoying your work!!Jackie

  3. Arty Girl at it again,lol Great work.

  4. This is beautiful, Julia. I haven't done much with masks except the odd vignette. Looking at your previous post with the moulding paste, though, I have designed some texture overlays (on my Skydrive, details on my blog) for using with the overlay blending mode. They are great fun to do. You are really getting into the nitty gritty of Photoshop these days, aren't you!

    Thanks for your lovely comment and your best wishes for our move. I am trying to pace myself and be sensible - honest! There's a lot to do but hopefully, starting early, there will be time to do it all. One box filled is one less still to fill! We are at the early pre-Contract stage on both properties (offers accepted and received, solicitors instructed etc.) so plenty of time for things still to go wrong, but hopefully all will be well.


  5. I've tried masks and haven't liked the results. Maybe I just haven't had the right photo yet. Photoshop is fun isn't it? So very addicting. (o:


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