Monday, 16 August 2010

Playing with layers

I like to take one of my photos and play with layers to alter the colours. This had five layers, including two adjustment layers, which were then merged, a copy was made of the merged image and given an overlay blend at 65%.
I'm also busy with another four of the squares and am about to add the gold cord. I'm not sure whether I can stretch to seven lots of four, might have to stop at three!


  1. I think I need to learn a new language as in Photoshop speak ;o) Great effects in your image Julia.

  2. Ah, I see DW beat me, expected tho, with my puter playing up ha.

    I just love this piece of your work Julia, love the colour.

  3. You have created real depth here, love the colour too.

  4. You really take great photos & do very interesting things with them.


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