Friday, 15 January 2010


Inspired by others' blogs and ideas at the Camera club I have been playing with layers using some of my old stitched pieces. It's often by trial and error and a lot of patience - why do the handbooks give so little information about what I want to do!? I'm exploring the bringing together of digital photography with textile and mixed media work, but it could take a while ....
© ju-north (Thanks imac!)


  1. I have been doing a similar thing with Photoshop Elements, so will watch with interest what you are doing. I like those two pieces. Also followed your link to Paintbox Pictures, which looks fascinating, so thanks for that too. Sue McB

  2. I have put Elements 6 on the laptop today and I haven't a clue! It's very different from our stone-age Elements 2 that imac and I are both comfortable with. I am hoping it won't be too long before DJ Petitt offers her Digital class again as it looks good (think I saw that somewhere else in blogland). Meanwhile I shall follow yours and paddysdaughter's blogs with great interest. I like these 2 pieces, you have delicate touch.


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