Thursday, 26 November 2009

Book covers

Although I thought this blog would be mainly about textiles it hasn't worked out that way as other interests keep poking their noses in! But I have made a few things this week, mainly book covers. Here are a couple of them -

The first one is made with "fabric paper" which was then quilted. The second has some embellished felt together with voile and foil, then burnt back, with a fme motif. The next one I made with chocolate wrappers (the smell was delicious! I get some strange looks when I swoop down on chocolate papers after someone has just eaten a choc! You have to be quick!)

Off to learn some more tips at the Camera Club tonight - another steep learning curve! but fun.


  1. There's some very nice stuff going on here!

  2. You've made some great bookcovers Julia.

  3. I know what you mean about other things than textiles! Lovely book covers.


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