Saturday, 2 April 2016

Mrs Beeton

Mrs Beeton's cookbook. She died at the age of 28 having written (or rather 'borrowed' many recipes etc from others including Florence Nightingale)  a hugely popular book. I found this 2nd edition on a second-hand market stall which narrowly missed being thrown away. Such a fascinating read!


  1. My goodness, Julia, what a treasure this is!!
    Lucky you!

  2. A wonderful tome indeed & a lovely color of tulip. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

  3. The tulip colors and light are just glorious! And the old old book is a real treasure. I love how you've placed it in the still with the tulips!!

  4. This is a stunning photograph, Julia, with the richness of the tulips being echoed by the warm vintage pages of the book. What a find! The book looks so well-thumbed, used and loved, and it looks as if every page would tell a story. How I'd love to handle it and browse through it! Well done rescuing it and giving it a new lease of life.

    Thank you for your lovely comment - I am now fine again, and can only think it was a 24-hour mild inner ear infection or something of that order. Horrible while it lasted, but thankfully the nausea only lasted for the morning, and the vertigo was clearing by mid-morning the next day. Yes, it's been frustrating not being able to do the decorating myself but Gary interpreted my vision so well, and he's done a truly excellent job - a real perfectionist, and we had a lot of fun while he was doing it!



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